Whether you are on the list or anonymous, I thank you all very much for your help and support.
Alicia Peggy and Lou Cohen  (Australia), Tony Quirk Amusements (Australia), Roger Assis (Australia), John McGuire (Australia), Claude Sorel, Poete, Paris ( France ), Jean Claude Delafon ( France ), Paco Rabane ( France ), Jacques Esterel (France), Le Lido Paris ( France ), Pierre Mouillard (France ), Pierre Douglas ( France ), Maite Roll, Paris ( France), Romain Balentino, ( France ), Elfriede Vogt ( Germany ), Martine Raimbault  ( France ), Anita Alvares  ( France),  Magda, Paris  ( France ), Nadja  ( France ), Special Thank you to Marie-jose Lepicard,TF1 and A2 Regional  ( Paris and Sens, France ), Colette Bourdarie (Belier- France), Sonia Fisel ( France ), Yanne Arthus Bertrand ( France ), Brothers Bogdanov ( France ), Peter Stamford (UK), Jan-Reimer.astrology / music, (Germany), Joe Shah, photographer (Australia), Richard (Australia), Paul and Maureen Omahoney (Australia). 
My Paparazzi friends:

David James, Tony Bonin, Joe Shah

Thank you Richard
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